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History of Altrincham Catering Equipment Hire,
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Our Catering Equipment Hire Story

Altrincham Catering Equipment Hire (ACE) is a family owned and run business. From the day ACE was founded, our philosophy was quite simple! We firmly believe in attention to detail and reliability, backed up by an unrivalled quality of service and delivered at a reasonable price.

Experience as they say;
’is everything’ since 1973 ACE have been providing a high-quality personal service to commercial and private clients as well as to caterers, and many of our customers have been using us for several years.

So what makes us special? Being a family owned and run business, we take the quality of service delivered by
ACE very personally.

ACE take hygiene very seriously, all non-electrical items are two-staged-washed! This system involves hand washing all items to ‘clean-stage’ followed by a 2nd high-temperature, high-pressure machine wash to ensure the very highest standards of cleanliness we all have a right to expect.

ACE would love to add your name to their client list. Contact us to see how we can help you to make your function the success you dreamt of.

Successful functions create memories: trust it to the professionals!
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Altrincham Catering Equipment Hire

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